Tomas Sedovic

amateur programmer, amateur musician, amateur human.

Hey! I'm Tomáš Šedovič and this place links most of my activities around the web.

I am a programmer living in the Czech Republic. Very much interested in Free / Libre / Open Source software and how these concepts can be applied to other fields such as culture, media or research.

Hobbies and interests: rock climbing, game development, music, astronomy & cosmology, reading fiction.


Photo of Tomas in an orange climbing helmet sitting on a rock.


I'm currently working at Red Hat.

I have contributed to various projects there, most recently: TripleO (OpenStack's installer and cluster management tool) and the integration of OpenShift / OKD (Red Hat's distribution of Kubernetes) with OpenStack.

Dear recruiters: while I am satisfied with my job and place of residence, I would be delighted to chat with you. You can see my code, projects and contact details on this page. I ask that you respond in kind, however. Please include the Open Source projects I would be working on. I am not interested in writing proprietary/closed-source code. Thank you.

I'm open to relocation. Being able to work remotely is an important factor, however.